The DeGraff United Methodist Church Missions Team is an active and vital group of dedicated volunteers who focus on community outreach projects and emergency assistance.


Our next event is the Community Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, March 31st at the Riverside School yard - 3:00 pm and prizes immediately following at the Miami Grange. We are asking for donations of individually wrapped candy and prizes. Can be left at the church. Thanks for your help!


Thanks for supporting your DeGraff UMC Missions Team with your time, talents and resources. Together we are the hands and feet of Jesus in our community and around the world!!!


     We donate to the 5 Loaves Food Pantry each month. There is a donation calendar with specific items each month and I have listed those below. We appreciate your help.

5 Loaves Food Bank Donation Calendar

Canned vegetables”corn, peas, green beans, mixed, pork & beans

Boxes of spaghetti (can be 1 lb. or 2 lb. or any type of dry pasta)

Canned soup, tomato, chicken noodle, vegetable


Canned fruit


Boxed or bagged cereal


Instant potatoes-mashed, au gratin, scalloped


Instant Oatmeal


Canned vegetables”corn, peas, green beans, mixed, pork & beans




Canned soup, tomato, chicken noodle, vegetable


Brownie Mixes - 75 boxes


Candy Canes (they give 1 full box to each family)

Boxes are made up and handed out the 3rd Wednesday of each month & our donations are needed by the Monday morning before that. (They shop Monday evening for items still needed.) They serve approximately 75 families each month. If you would like to help work the pantry (they need help carrying the food boxes up and down the stairs), contact Janice Davis at 937-585-6210




Do you knit or crochet? Then help us with the Prayer Shawl knitting ministry. For more information, contact LuCinda Holycross, 585-9839. (this is an ongoing ministry, so feel free to start anytime!)  We are adding to this ministry by making Prayer Shawl Pockets and Pocket Prayer Shawls. The prayer shawl pockets have a pocket to write your prayer requests on a piece of paper and place it in the pocket for remembering. The Pocket Prayer Shawls are smaller versions of the prayer shawl to fit in a pocket or your purse. If you'd like to help with this part of the ministry let LuCinda know or if you'd like to donate yarn please leave it in the church Gathering Area. We are expanding our ministry to hats and booties for preemies and caps for cancer patients. Don't knit, crochet or sew? They are also making fleece laprobes for shut-ins, size is 30"x36" (you can get two robes or two sides out of one yard of fleece) and then edge by tying knots, cutting slits and adding fleece strips for fringe (just make sure it's not too long to get caught in wheelchairs). Ask for more information!


   Missions funds are also used to provide emergency assistance to residents who live in the Riverside School District. Those needing help with utility disconnects, food, etc. can call the Church to request assistance on an emergency basis. The Missions Team then determines what can be provided according to the guidelines.


     The DeGraff UMC Missions Team welcomes and appreciates community input and support. All are invited to join in our efforts to spread the light and be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community and beyond!



The Missions Team is currently taking orders for church shirts in T-Shirt style and Polo style.  The shirts have the Methodist cross/flame on the front and a saying on the back.


 We need input!  Please stop by the church office if you can help in any way to put together a survey to go out to all church members/attendees & to be passed out through the community.  We are looking for what people are looking for in a church they wish to belong to.