Prayer Requests





Those is a Care Facility: Bill Burke, Marilyn Parker, Eunice Yoder, Shirley Linet, Jim Grandstaff, Rachel Cool

Those with cancer: Diana Burner, Melissa Purcell, Mona Kean, Homer Taylor, JoAnne Sumika, Matt Day, Shirley King, Ross Nelson, LaQuita Roach 

Health Issues: Louise Beatty, Irene Recinos, Dan Schindewolf, Bob Fry, JoAnne Whitaker, Tanner Glasgow, Kirby Stahler, Adam Hewitt, Mary Pope, Karen Nelson, Glen Kreglow, Jim Cox, Ruth Rowley, Buffy Kemp, Carol Hines, Lee Flint, Jeanean Jackson, Susie Bodenmiller, Brenda Tamplin, Chuck Hirsch, Janice Locker, Mary Bell, Sandy Dammeyer, Alexa Klingler, Lura Mae Grandstaff, Pastor Julia and her mother, Melanie Egbert, Bryce Hodge, Dorothy Roby, Nancy Cannady, Butch & Sharon Carmen, Dave McGrath, Dan Simerline, Courageous people in recovery

Our Governement officials

Our Military Service Men and Women

Five Loaves Food Pantry

Hurricane Matthew Victims

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